Son-of-aPreacher Man

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Destiny Armani
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SON OF A PREACHER MAN is a drama/romance film that takes place in modern-day

society. The film portrays the life of a modern-day “prodigal son”, Jacob Jackson, a

young African-American male from Columbia, South Carolina, who is the son of a

preacher. Jacob comes from a wealthy family and decides that he wants to move to a

bigger city and live life on his own, away from his father and his Christian influence.

When Jacob moves to Charlotte, NC, he develops a partying & gambling lifestyle. He

also meets and falls in love with Abigail King, who is a young attractive African-American

female from Charlotte, NC. Abigail is on a path of success and usually plays “hard to

get” until she meets Jacob. Because of Jacob’s gambling habit, he unintentionally ruins

both his and Abigail’s life as Abigail herself is telling the story from the back of an Uber.


Written by Dr. Brandon M. Glover 

Starring Marquise Byrd & Destiny Armani


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